High-quality products "Made in Germany" throughout the world

Over 50 years PAW

Top quality products “Made in Germany” throughout the world

For over 40 years now PAW has been supplying you with top quality heating and solar thermal valves. The range of products we offer ranges from flow check valves, multivalves and specially designed valves to complete distribution systems for heating and solar thermal systems.

What began with simple valves has steadily been developed with you in mind. Today PAW offers modular valve groups in the heating sector for fuel boilers with an output of up to 400 kW and for solar thermal systems with an effective output of up to 100 kW.

This consistent development has resulted in high productivity and faultless products. A constantly growing workforce ensures that administration and production lines run smoothly.

Supported by competent specialised trade partners we provide you with innovative products helping you to stay ahead of your competitors.


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