Green consciousness


Today, modern building technology contributes significantly to the well-being within your own four walls, but also in public buildings. Environmental protection and energy efficiency have become an integral part of modern building technology. The heating systems, the solar technology and the domestic hot water technology of PAW completely cover this aspect. The conservation of natural resources is of central importance for us and we take the respect of the laws for environmental protection for granted. We are aware of the responsibility we bear towards society and the future generations. With the aim of protecting the environment, the challenge for us consists in the development and market launch of more efficient systems.

Our valves and fittings are only made of high-quality brass which is free of dangerous substances and we deliberately refrain from using cheaper and harmful materials. We avoid waste due to overproduction through an optimised production flow. Thanks to photovoltaic and solar thermal systems on our company buildings, we are able to cover approximately 15 % of our energy needs. In addition, our production halls are low-energy buildings which contribute to a conservation of resources.