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Thermax - DN 20

Field of application: for wall-mounted boilers
Recommended application range:
K31: up to 23 kW; 20 K up to 1000 l/h
K32: up to 19 kW; 20 K up to 820 l/h

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More Information
Valves and fittings Brass
Operating data
Max. operating pressure: 6 bars
Output mixed: 19 kW
Flow rate unmixed: up to 1000 l/h
Flow rate mixed: up to 820 l/h
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Shut-off valves: Ball valves with handle
Dial thermometer: 0 - 120 °C
Height: 400 mm
Width: 408 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 20 (¾")
Installation length: 335 mm
Connection generator: 1" ext.thread / ¾" int.thread
Connection consumer: ¾" int. thread
Centre distance: 90 mm
The Thermax system has been designed for applications with two different temperature levels.
An application example: it can be connected to a consumer with a high flow temperature (such as a radiator) and a consumer with a low flow temperature (such as a radiant floor heating).
The Thermax distribution manifold is equipped with an integrated, adjustable bypass. This bypass can be closed (distribution manifold is pressure tight - for applications with boilers without internal pump) or it can be opened (in this case a low-loss bypass is activated in the Thermax distribution manifold - for applications with an internal pump).

The modular distribution manifold system Thermax is a preassembled group of fittings for heating circuits.
It consists of a Thermax distribution manifold, two Thermax heating circuit modules and a design insulation with optimised function.

Thermax can be mounted directly to the wall or with distance pieces at a distance of 100 mm to the wall. This means that additional flow lines to the boiler can be installed below the Thermax.

Complete hydraulic separation between the connected circuits and the boiler is possible.

The adjustable bypass (0 - 100%) of the Thermax manifold guarantees forced circulation in the boiler when the bypass is open.

Two different heating circuits can be selected:
HeatBloC® direct circuit K31 - for modulating temperature heating
HeatBloC® mixed circuit K32 with 3-way mixing valve - for heating systems controlled by a mixing valve

Various pumps can be selected:
Wilo-Stratos PICO 15/1-6, Wilo-Yonos PARA RS 15/6-RKA, Wilo Para 15/6-43
Grundfos Alpha2.1 15-60, Grundfos UPM3 Auto L 15-70 PP3

All necessary fittings included

All installation positions possible

Pumps can be separated

Ball valve in the flow and the return line

Immersion sleeves integrated in the ball valves to install flow and return temperature sensors

Mixing valve with electric actuator

Flow is on the right, can be simply modified on site

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