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Award for a construction made of PAW MCom heating circuits

Heating engineer honoured for a remarkable heating installation in a vineyard
Each year, the French professional journal L’installateur awards a prize to heating engineers and installers to honour the best constructions or installations. The prize of the year 2017 for the category “air-conditioning technology” was awarded to the heating engineer Jean-Pierre Eusebi.

With his construction made of PAW MCom heating circuits and additional components, he helped a wine producer in Eguisheim renovating his heating installation. The remarkable work of the French heating engineer stood out during the evaluation because Mr Eusebi had to overcome several challenges during the implementation. The heating installation concerned had to be renovated in the private house as well as in the operating rooms of the vineyard, i.e. in the cooking chambers, in the wine cellar and in the storage room. Thereby, it was important to use the very small boiler room in the best possible way. Because of the lack of space, it was not possible to install a primary pump with hydraulic separator. This is why Mr Eusebi opted for a PAW distribution manifold DN 32. He explains: „My aim was to develop and implement a system containing hydraulics that are in technical conformance with the regulation, control and monitoring devices, but that also offer the possibility of a future expansion at the same time.“ Therefore, Mr Eusebi combined the flow and return of the boiler with a PAW distribution manifold DN 32 and controlled the distribution through PAW MCom heating circuits DN 25, thus ensuring the hydraulic, automatic and dynamic balancing. To avoid a contamination of the wine production with heating water, the heating circuit for supplementary heating has been equipped with a separator or a plate heat exchanger of 25 kW. In addition, a communication set has been integrated to create a WLAN connection with the MCom heating circuits via the MCom app. The app allows the system monitoring and the regulation of the system parameters from afar. The private apartments and the domestic hot water preparation are now also regulated and controlled via two heating circuits.

You will find further information on the MCom heating circuits in our Shop our in the category Product flyers. On Youtube you will find a summary of the event.


Source: L’installateur n°746: Trophées de L’installateur 2017 https://lebatimentperformant.fr/actualites/trophees-de-l-installateur-2017-le-palmares/8/1636



The new CoolBloC – Heating and cooling with just one pump group!

The CoolBloC, an innovative all-rounder, combines the proven heating technology of PAW with a cooling function.

The CoolBloC is available in the nominal diameters DN 25 and DN 32 and can be adapted to special ambient conditions, such as dewing or condensate formation. All components are perfectly designed for the requirements during heating or cooling. To avoid oxidation, condensation-resistant valves and fittings are used in the CoolBloC. The pump is protected from dewing or condensate formation through an additional insulating element. The thermal separation of the actuator and the sealing lips of the insulation serve to avoid condensate formation.

Function of the CoolBloC:

Cooling – Application during the summer:

  1. A heat sink (f. ex. a heat pump) provides cooled fluid.
  2. The cooling circuit transports the cooled fluid to the interior spaces.
  3. There, a heat transfer takes place and the fluid is heated.
  4. The heated fluid is cooled down again in the heat sink.

Heating – Application during the winter:

  1. A heat source (f. ex. a heat pump) provides heated fluid.
  2. The cooling circuit transports the heated fluid to the interior spaces.
  3. There, a heat transfer takes place and the fluid is cooled down.
  4. The cooled fluid is heated again in the heat source.

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30 percent subsidy for your heating optimization!

Overview of our eligible PAW products:

  • Standard heating circuits with highly efficient pumps reduce power consumption by up to 80%
  • MC heating circuits with electronic differential pressure control save electricity and fuel
  • MCom communication set for the hydraulic adjustment of the radiators makes replacing the thermostat valves unnecessary

A detailed list of all eligible products can be found here.

You can obtain comprehensive information on the grant program and the application form at BAFA.



A new method of the hydraulic balancing of heating circuits

Reduction by half of the energy consumption of the pumps thanks to the HeatBloC MC

Peter Pärisch, graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.)
In the article regarding the 12th REHVA World Climate Congress 2016 in Aalborg (Denmark), the HeatBloC MC system of PAW is compared with mechanical differential pressure regulators. Simulations of a building with 5 heating circuits have shown an energy saving of 40 to 65 % compared to the mechanical differential pressure regulators. The influencing factors of the valve authority and the pressure losses of the boiler circuit have been examined. The bigger the valve authority and the pressure losses are, the more pump energy is wasted in mechanical differential pressure regulators. The HeatBloC MC system always puts as much pump energy as necessary into the system in order to overcome the pressure losses and to cover the heat demand. The dynamic hydraulic balancing with the HeatBloC MC system thus allows an energy- and fuel-efficient operation of the heating installation.
To read the entire paper visit Aalborg University.