Training for craftsmen: Solex solar transfer stations

For our products, we regularly offer internal trainings for craftsmen in order to inform them about the latest status of our developments.

First in a theoretical part, they learn about adjustments of controllers, the identification and solution of error patterns and also the commissioning of Solar transfer stations. They discuss all questions and ideas related to the product. Afterwards, the theoretical knowledge can be realised in our in-house laboratory. Our service team member explains the products and answers to the questions of the installers.

We are happy that we can expand the know-how of the installers with additional information about our products and to answer any arising questions. The face-to-face communication is a win-win situation and supports the efficient co-operation.

Solex Schulung PAW Handwerk



These are our partners!

With the city of Hameln, the local university Hochschule Weserbergland or the ISFH, PAW maintains important partnerships in the domains economy, research and development.

In co-operation with the ISFH Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hameln, interesting projects in the field of solar energy research are consistently initiated. We are pleased about this productive co-operation. To support junior employees, we also work together with the university HSW in Hameln. Students of a dual course of studies work in various departments in our company, which prepares them optimally for their Bachelor of Business Economics or Industrial Engineering at the HSW and also for their later employment in our company.

You will find further interesting partners on our website at Service|Information|Links.



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In our PAW shop, you find all important information about our products in the categories heating and domestic hot water technology as well as solar thermal systems.

In the menu download, all product flyers and brochures are available as well as our catalogue. Further, within the shop at products, you conveniently receive all information about our systems and the suitable accessories, installation and operation instructions, data sheets and images.

You are interested in PAW products and you are a specialist in the HVAC & sanitation sector? Use our shop as an information platform and order PAW products via your wholesaler.

You are a wholesaler and would like to place an order in our shop? Just request your registration today. Here you find further information to the registration process.

How to find all important information:

Example: HeatBloC K32 DN 20

The HeatBloC with its product versions and the suitable accessories is shown directly on the first product information site.

product information

If you scroll down, you’ll find further technical data, documents and product images.


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HeatBloC® MCom commissioning – how it can work

Our PAW service team is happy to support you during the commissioning of your installations, if you wish.

Recently, our service team member Martin Otto supported the commissioning of a HeatBloC® MCom installation. Three heating circuits had to be installed: a MC41 DN 40, a MC41 DN 32 and a K34 DN 32. The three heating circuits were connected with each other on a DN 40 4-fold modular distribution manifold. They supply three independent, stand-alone buildings of an historic manor. If any problems occur, such as with the hydraulic balancing, our service team offers support to ensure that finally the system works optimally balanced.

The HeatBloC® MCom is available in different nominal diameters as an unmixed and as a mixed heating circuit. Here you can find the product overview of the entire HeatBloC® MCom series. All important information for the use of the heating circuit 4.0 is available on our homepage at Applications | Hydraulic balancing.
MCom, installation, heating circuit



Use solar energy – increase energy efficiency!

It is now, in summer, particularly useful and should not be underestimated: the solar domestic hot water preparation!

The PAW solar stations SolarBloC® use the inexhaustible energy source of the sun to charge buffer tanks. Via solar collectors, the solar energy is transferred to the heating system circuit and can be used for domestic hot water preparation. The enormous savings for the entire heat demand therefore lead to an increase of the energy efficiency and also decrease the carbon dioxide emission.

All important information about the SolarBloC® at a glance:

    • Efficient circulation of the solar fluid in the solar circuit
    • Application range for a collector surface up to 175 m²
    • Eligible for subsidies from BAFA and compliant with DIN EN 60335
    • PAW domestic hot water technology is an optimal complement to the SolarBloCs®
    • Solar stations are available in the nominal diameters 20, 25 and 32



10th and 25th anniversaries at PAW

Five of our employees will celebrate their anniversaries at PAW in August.

Our managing directors Marc-Oliver Pommerening and Rainer Schneiter are happy to congratulate the members of staff celebrating their special anniversaries. Four employees have been working for PAW for 10 years, and another employee already for 25 years! In today’s flexible job market, the long-time identification of our colleagues with the company can’t be taken for granted. We are proud of this constant co-operation and are happy that, with them, the experience, the knowledge and the processes will continue with success at PAW.



36 degrees and the temperature is still rising…

Suitable to the high temperatures of the recent days, the PAW CoolBloC provides the proven heating technology of PAW combined with a cooling function.

The CoolBloC adapts optimally to special ambient conditions, and all components are mounted in one pump group. This allows heating and as well as cooling. According to the season, the CoolBloc is appropriate for summer and winter operation. You can find an overview of all functions here.

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PAW around the world

What purpose has one of our biggest system solutions in sunny South Africa?

The Klein Karoo International Tannery in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, needed for its solar installation two SolexMega cascades. The system, installed by E3 Energy (Pty) Ltd, consists of 600m² of solar collectors and is one of the largest solar thermal installations in Sub Saharan Africa. The entire installation provides a peak output of 420kW. Thermal energy is stored in 2 x 20,000 l buffer tanks. The system provides a solar fraction of 55%, off-setting 89.6m³ of fuel oil per year. With this progressive project, E3 Energy Ltd was able to enlarge the existing heating system optimally and therefore to save enormous energy costs – and PAW is part of it!

You can find solar stations and solar transfer station for your needs on our website at applications | solar-thermal-systems.

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Audit ISO 9001

With the aim of continuous improvement, the surveillance audit ISO 9001 took place at PAW this week.

The ISO 9001 certificate confirms that companies have observed all regulations of the standardised quality management system. After an initial certification, the auditing takes part every year to prove that the the quality management system is maintained. These surveillance audits make sure that available resources are used purposefully, which advances the success of our company. The efficacy of our management system was successfully audited. You can find the current certificate on our Homepage or at the official certificate data base of the TÜV Rheinland.