The new PAW catalogue 2020 – product news & new design!

Currently, preparations for the new price list for 2020 are in full progress.

According to the new slogan “smart systems for modern heating technology, domestic hot water technology, solar thermal systems & flat stations”, the motto “connectivity” is also included in our new catalogue. With the PAW Connect App and our smart products, the price list 2020 offers a number of highlights to which you can look forward to.

The catalogue will be available in January 2020 – be excited!



Interseroh: resources saved via recycling

Every year, according to our guiding principle “green consciousness for the environment”, we aim to contribute our part for environmental and climate protection.

For 2018, we received again the Certificate for saved resources by Interseroh. By recycling of the registered materials, in terms of figures, 207 tons of resources and additionally 25,848 kg of greenhouse gases were saved. These saved resources correspond to a weight of 489 apple trees.

The continuous optimisation of our internal processes allows us to reduce production and energy costs. Sustainability is also an important issue for our company buildings: photovoltaic and solar thermal systems cover 15 % of the energy needs of our buildings. This helps to continuously improve the ecobalance of our company. With our guiding principle “green consciousness for the environment”, we are aware of our responsibility towards society and future generations and we act accordingly. For the future, we will continue aiming to live sustainability, to develop and produce energy saving products, and to consciously avoid environmental impact.

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The heating period begins now!

Many people wonder when it makes sense to start heating. Typically, you start heating in October at the earliest. Here you find the most important tips and product information!

Correct heating in the cold season saves energy and money! To save heating costs and to reduce CO2 emissions, just follow the 5 tips during the heating season:

  1. Heat more conscious and choose room temperatures appropriately.
  2. Opening the window totally for a short time saves energy!
  3. Check the seals in the window and door frames.
  4. Adjust radiator thermostats correctly.
  5. Makes a night setback sense?

At PAW, you receive everything for your modern heating system. The modular systems offer maximum flexibility and convince by their innovative functions.

Heating correctly? Only with hydraulic balancing!

Heating installations consist of numerous components, such as pipelines, valves and fittings and devices. All components must be synchronised perfectly in order to ensure that the heating water transports the heat dependable to the heating surfaces. This is possible with the hydraulic balancing and the PAW HeatBloC® MCom.

For example, hydraulic balancing is required when house owners notice an unbalanced heat distribution within their house. In this case, some radiators stay cold, while others are too hot and can barely be down-regulated. For modernised heating installations or new installations, it is therefore worth to invest in a HeatBloC® MCom. The quick and easy commissioning, as well as the increased living comfort and the potential BAFA subsidies are only some advantages of this smart system!

Do you want to know more about the HeatBloC® MCom?

Here you find our standard heating circuits.



Learning activity-oriented – supporting trainees

For a vocational training school for Plumbing Trade and Building Technology, PAW provides heating circuits and distribution manifolds for the school’s workshop.

Thanks to PAW, the students of a vocational training school in Austria have the possibility to try out practical work on “real” heating circuits in their workshop. This practice helps the future plumbers to prepare them for various situations in the field. This well-directed support allows them to learn together and from each other within their vocational school class.
In the workshop, different heating circuits types are available to try out:

  • Heating circuits K32 DN 25 with different pumps
  • Heating circuits K33 DN 25 with different pumps
  • HeatBloC® MCom: MC44 DN 25 with different pumps

Particularly the HeatBloC® MCom offers, additionally to the standard heating circuits, some special features that the trainees can test.
We gladly support the future plumbers during their education and are happy about people “enjoying trade”.



PAW domestic hot water module “Friwa”: hydraulics, electronics and commissioning

We offer optimal trainings for our customers, even abroad – as it happened this week in Switzerland.

It is our aim to make sure that the service engineers of our customers have the best possible know-how about our products. This is why our sales service team as well as our product managers regularly travel to companies in order to answer to important questions.

The recent training in Switzerland mainly included the following subjects:

  • Maintenance and commissioning
  • Faults and problem solving
  • Hydraulics and electronics
  • Dimensioning of domestic hot water modules
  • Controller function

Especially in Switzerland, domestic hot water modules and drinking water hygiene become more and more important. Because of their high volume, previously used domestic hot water tanks have a too high risk for legionella bacteria, pseudomonas and other dangerous bacteria. Our domestic hot water modules “Friwa” heat drinking water comfortably and hygienically operating on the principle of a flow-type water heater. The powerful plate heat exchanger heats the water only if necessary. Unlike conventional domestic hot water tanks, the water in our Friwas is not used for energy storage and is not stored as domestic hot water for hours or days.

If you wish to know more about our domestic hot water technology and our product range, click here.

For further information, please contact us at +49 51 51-98 56 0 or via e-mail.



Digital transformation – we keep on improving!

PAW uses the benefits of the digitalisation to achieve a higher efficiency within the company with intelligent systems and processes.

In addition to the continuous optimisation of our production processes via Kaizen, we also enhance, for example, our digital applications that are used within the administration.

At PAW, the technical documentation department is responsible for all installation and operation instructions, as well as flyers, catalogues and brochures in multiple languages. In the course of the digitalisation, members of the technical documentation department participated in a conference and gained knowledge about the latest developments of the sector. We aim to ease the work via a content management system and particularly to be able to deliver quicker results. At the conference with the subject “Industry 4.0”, the documentation department collected interesting ideas for the information management and internal processes. Speeches from representatives of the economy sector and other industry partners gave insight into the numerous possibilities of the digitalisation. Not only our employees benefit from these modern processes, but first of all our customers!

For this reason, PAW set a goal to innovatively shape and enhance the digitalisation in all departments!



Training for craftsmen: Solex solar transfer stations

For our products, we regularly offer internal trainings for craftsmen in order to inform them about the latest status of our developments.

First in a theoretical part, they learn about adjustments of controllers, the identification and solution of error patterns and also the commissioning of Solar transfer stations. They discuss all questions and ideas related to the product. Afterwards, the theoretical knowledge can be realised in our in-house laboratory. Our service team member explains the products and answers to the questions of the installers.

We are happy that we can expand the know-how of the installers with additional information about our products and to answer any arising questions. The face-to-face communication is a win-win situation and supports the efficient co-operation.

Solex Schulung PAW Handwerk



These are our partners!

With the city of Hameln, the local university Hochschule Weserbergland or the ISFH, PAW maintains important partnerships in the domains economy, research and development.

In co-operation with the ISFH Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hameln, interesting projects in the field of solar energy research are consistently initiated. We are pleased about this productive co-operation. To support junior employees, we also work together with the university HSW in Hameln. Students of a dual course of studies work in various departments in our company, which prepares them optimally for their Bachelor of Business Economics or Industrial Engineering at the HSW and also for their later employment in our company.

You will find further interesting partners on our website at Service|Information|Links.



PAW online shop – all product information available at any time!

In our PAW shop, you find all important information about our products in the categories heating and domestic hot water technology as well as solar thermal systems.

In the menu download, all product flyers and brochures are available as well as our catalogue. Further, within the shop at products, you conveniently receive all information about our systems and the suitable accessories, installation and operation instructions, data sheets and images.

You are interested in PAW products and you are a specialist in the HVAC & sanitation sector? Use our shop as an information platform and order PAW products via your wholesaler.

You are a wholesaler and would like to place an order in our shop? Just request your registration today. Here you find further information to the registration process.

How to find all important information:

Example: HeatBloC K32 DN 20

The HeatBloC with its product versions and the suitable accessories is shown directly on the first product information site.

product information

If you scroll down, you’ll find further technical data, documents and product images.


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