How can a modular distribution manifold be depressurised subsequently?


A solution is offered by the conversion kit for modular distribution manifolds in DN 20, DN 25, DN 32 and DN 40. Mount this kit on the left and on the right of the distribution manifold by removing the covers beforehand and by putting both distance rings in between afterwards. The distribution manifold is then depressurised and a pump can be operated in front of the distribution manifold. In case of installations with a high flow, it is recommended to install an individual distribution manifold module with hydraulic separator in front of the distribution manifold (DN 20 item number 3142, DN 25 item number 3442, DN 32 item number 3742). This module is mounted directly below the distribution manifold already in place (DN 20, DN 25 and DN 32). For DN 40, the module must be mounted in front of the distribution manifold The flow and return temperatures can then be measured more accurately in the distribution manifold, as the mixing of the flow and return has alreday taken place in the hydraulic separator. Please consider the pressure loss diagram of the catalogue for the dimensioning.