At PAW, we constantly optimise our production and administration processes. “There is nothing that can not be improved!” is our slogan.

Several times a year, employees from various departments of the company come together to examine work processes in detail. They creatively elaborate solutions off the beaten track. At the same time, their awareness of the fact that only a smooth collaboration between the departments will produce the optimum result for the customer increases steadily.

The PAW production system (PPS)

Responsible action

We are aware of the importance of our actions. Our expert knowledge, our diligence and dedication are the main factors of business success. The health of our employees, their operational capability and competences are key elements of the company.

Error prevention

We want to continually improve ourselves and consider mistakes as chance for improvement. Our ambition is a 100% quality production. We only pass on perfect quality to the next process. The functionality of our machines and installations is guaranteed through regular maintenance and care.

Continuous improvement

We work daily on the solving and improvement of problems and their causes. We bear responsibility for our working area and continuously improve it. We know: There is nothing that we could not improve!

Standardised working procedures

Standardised processes are the basis for all improvements. Our working procedures are transparent, so that deviations from the target state can be easily detected and corrected immediately. We meet the standards and develop them constantly further.

Optimised production

By smoothing the work load, we create a continuous workflow. We only produce what is needed at a given point of time. All our processes are connected and our production is aligned with customer demand.

Stopping the waste

We avoid waste due to overproduction through an optimised production flow. Warehousing, transports and waiting periods are time-consuming and have to be continuously eliminated. We control all working areas regarding waste production – also beyond our direct field of activity.