Flat stations for heating and domestic hot water

HomeBloC® Basic flat station in a multi-family house

Slim and flexible solutions are especially in demand for house building, but also for modernisations of heating installations. A wide range of requirements, such as radiant floor heating systems, radiators or the combination of both, require flexible systems for each application. Therefore, we offer the flat stations HomeBloC® Basic in the three versions WR, WF and WRF. So you receive flat stations for heating and domestic hot water - choose your individual station!

Versatile and flexible:

  • Concurrent or dedicated hygienic hot water preparation and/or heat according to your needs
  • Billing proportional to the consumption of each flat thanks to the installation of your cold water and heat flow meters
  • Modular system allows you to make adjustments to the station according to needs
  • Perfect integration into your living ambience

Advantages of flat stations:

  • Optimal energy utilisation thanks to powerful heat exchangers
  • Heat pump and flat station can be combined: ideal for low-temperature systems
  • large withdrawal flow rate
  • construction depth of only 110 mm - ideally suitable for the installation in partition walls
  • comfortable and fast installation
  • Flat station for new buildings and restructuring
  • particularly efficient if combined with the heating circuit HeatBloC® MCom

The HomeBloC® Basic WR is a flat station for domestic hot water and heating (= radiator circuit). This version is designed to be connected with an unmixed circuit. The temperature of the flow line is heated by the supply (mixed heating circuit in the basement) to the desired level. Then, it is directly provided to the circuit of the HomeBloC® Basic. Therefore, this temperature is directly used for space heating.

Application example:

A property has one or multiple radiator circuits. The HomeBloC® Basic WR version suits perfectly for this application. The flow temperature can be provided directly from the radiator to the room. This means, incorrect differential pressures for the thermostatic valves can be easily reduced by means of the differential pressure valve.

The HomeBloC® Basic WF version is a flat station for domestic hot water and radiant floor heating. It is designed to be connected with a mixed heating circuit. The temperature of the flow line is provided by the supply (mixed or unmixed heating circuit) to the HomeBloC® Basic. Here, an injection-type circuit reduces the temperature. This reduced temperature is provided to the radiant floor circuit.

Application example:

A property has one or multiple radiator floor circuits. The HomeBloC® Basic WF version suits perfectly for this application. It connects the flat station with the radiant floor heating. The flow temperature is mixed by means of the injection-type circuit exactly to the temperature level which is necessary for the radiant floor heating. This temperature is provided via a floor distribution manifold to the corresponding rooms.

The HomeBloC® Basic WRF version joins both heating circuits of the WR and WF versions. With the WRF version, the heating (radiator circuit) and the radiant floor circuit are operated at the same time. Also, domestic hot water is prepared. Thus, both functions are joined in one module.

Flat station control

All stations are operated with a hydromechanical-thermal control by means of a proportional quantity controller. The domestic hot water temperature is reduced via a service water mixing valve to a user-defined temperature. This allows selectable temperatures for each housing unit. Each module can be adjusted either to the version of the heat exchanger or to the heating and output capacity.

In short: The PAW HomeBloC® Basic flat station is delivered completely premounted and pressure tested. So it can be mounted quickly and with minimal effort. The optimal distribution of the energy for heating and the flexible planning make it to the ideal complement, e.g. for house building..

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