Manufacturer's warranty


Due to the high quality of our products, we issue a 5-year warranty – irrespective of the statutory provisions – under the following conditions:


The warranty includes all PAW valves and fittings, except for pumps, controllers and sensors.

The warranty covers the delivered devices with all components. Except for such components that are subject to natural use and wear.

The warranty covers the replacement of material but not the costs for mounting and dismounting and other costs that are not costs of the replacement of the material.

Furthermore, the warranty implies that the PAW products have been used according to the generally acknowledged rules of engineering. If maintenance work is necessary, it shall be proven in case of warranty that the maintenance work has been carried out properly and professionally.


The warranty is a 5-year warranty and starts with the date of delivery. The date specified on the delivery note is decisive. The warranty claims shall be submitted at the latest 12 months after the case of warranty. Any warranty claims will be void after this period.


Should there be any defects of material or manufacture or problems with the performance of the device within the warranty period, the customer shall return the warranty object at his own risk to the warrantor.


The warranty shall not be considered if the warranty object is not operated according to the specifications; if it gets damaged or destroyed due to force majeure or environmental influences (frost, overvoltage, inadmissible media); if it gets damaged due to improper use (in particular, non-observance of the operating or mounting instructions or due to deferred maintenance); if it has been opened or repaired by a company or craftsman not authorized for it; if the warranty object has external mechanical damages of any type.