Domestic hot water module for hygienic drinking water

Comfortable domestic hot water technology for the domestic hot water preparation

The PAW Friwa modules heat potable water comfortably and hygienically operating on the principle of a flow-type water heater. With various nominal diameters, they are optimally adapted to your needs. In addition, the powerful plate heat exchanger heats the water only if necessary. Unlike conventional domestic hot water tanks, the water in our Friwas is not used for energy storage and is not stored as domestic hot water for hours or days. The energy necessary for heating the domestic water is provided by a buffer tank which can be heated via various systems.

This can be solar systems, solid fuel boilers or conventional oil or gas boilers. Also, domestic hot water modules and heat pumps can be efficiently combined with each other. The Friwa modules are also optimally suited for an application in combination with a solar thermal system. This means, the cooling of the heating water in the efficient plate heat exchangers improves the efficiency of the solar circuit. Thanks to the cold return, the medium temperature of the solar circuit can be reduced.

Advantages of the PAW domestic hot water module "Friwa":

  • High energy utilisation due to high-efficiency pumps
  • Domestic hot water module available with or without circulation
  • Special control allows high comfort
  • Use in combination with heat pumps possible
  • Domestic hot water module as cascade: The types FriwaMidi, FriwaMaxi and FriwaMega are cascadable

Product range Friwa