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Heating with Smart Home

Today, more and more buildings are equipped with Smart Home systems; a real "hype" about Smart Home devices such as Alexa, Ring or Philipps Hue has been developed in the last years. Also, more than 2 % of the single-family houses under construction will be equipped with Smart Home components in approximately 2021. These devices will mainly serve for the smart control of the building technology. Considerably reduced prices for KNX components allow a smart control of doors, windows and also heating systems.

For the field of heating technology, PAW offers the HeatBloC® MCom, the heating circuit for your Smart Home. It combines high-quality and durable components of a PAW standard heating circuit with the latest sensor technology, actuator technology and control technology. The heating circuits of the HeatBloC® MCom series can be connected to a multitude of Smart Home centrals. The connection is usually established via system-specific gateways. It can also be established directly via Modbus. This allows an integration of your heating system into your Smart Home system.

The HeatBloC® MCom is the perfect heating circuit for your hydraulically balanced heating system. After the hydraulic balancing, there are no longer noises in the radiators and rooms with different temperatures. The HeatBloC® MCom heating circuits communicate via the MCom controller with each other, allowing that all rooms can be balanced correctly among each other. With the optional communication set, you can addionally control the heating circuits with our PAW Connect app. This makes it even easer to install, optimise and document your heating system. Whether it's about Smart Home in a single-family house or as Direct Digital Control (DDC) in a central building control system - the HeatBloC® MCom upgrades your heating system to level 4.0.

HeatBloC® MCom + Smart Home = the perfect combination

  • Comfortable adjustment of the radiators
  • Performing of the balancing
  • Fast and easy regulation of the radiators
  • BAFA subsidies possible: more informations

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