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FriwaMaxi up to 77 l/min, FC3.10

Domestic hot water preparation operating on the principle of a flow-type water heater
Withdrawal capacity: 2-77 l/min
Circulation: optional

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Operating data
Max. operating temperature: 95 °C
Max. operating pressure primary: 3 bar
Max. operating pressure secondary: 10 bar
Kvs value primary: 5,6
Kvs value secondary: 5,2
Max. flow rate: 77 l/min
Transmission performance: 187 kW
Min. flow rate: 2 l/min
Controller: FC3.10
Check valves: primary: 2 x 400 mm wc
Shut-off valves: Ball valves and piston valves
Sensors: primary: 1 x Pt1000 / secondary: 2 x Pt1000 / 1 x flow meter
Heat exchanger: 60 plates, copper solder/coated
Temperature sensor: primär: 1 x Pt1000; sekundär: 2 x Pt1000
Circulation: optional
Flow meter: 1-130 l/min
Opening pressure check valve: 400 mm wc
Height: 795 mm
Width: 602 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 25 (1")
Depth: 298 mm
Installation length: 769 mm
Connection primary: 2" ext. thread
Connection secondary: 1 ¼“ ext. thread
Centre distance primary: 120 mm
Centre distance secondary: 100 mm
Valves and fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM / AFM34
Insulation: EPP
Piping: Stainless steel
Check valves: Brass
Heat exchanger: Solder: copper,Plates + connecting pieces: stainless steel,coating (optional): based on silica
Design data (Friwa)
Cold water inlet temperature: 10 °C
Withdrawal capacity: min. flow rate: 2 l/min
Field of application:
Domestic hot water preparation operating on the principle of a flow-type water heater

Application range:
In solar thermal systems
In systems with a heat pump, a solid fuel boiler, oil or gas boiler
Connection to a buffer tank
As a quadruple cascade up to 308 l/min (as per SPF LK 1)*
No domestic hot water tank necessary
Energy for heating the water is taken from the buffer tank

Operating data:
Max. operating pressure: primary = 3 bars, secondary = 10 bars
Max. operating temperature: 95 °C
Min. flow rate: 2 l/min Max. flow rate: 77 l/min

The CE-conformity of the module has been certified according to
DIN EN 60335 and SVGW.

*Indication of performance as per SPF test procedure