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Overflow set for HeatBloC®s DN 20

with self-sealing counter-T-pieces and elbow gland, adjustment range 1-6 m wc, suitable for HeatBloC®

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Operating data
Nominal pressure: 10 bar
Nominal diameter: DN 20 (¾")
Centre distance: 90 mm
Connection internal thread: ¾"
Connection external thread: ¾"
Valves and fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM
Adjusting knob: Plastic
Spring: Stainless steel
For hydronic heating installations with standard circulation pumps and thermostatic or zone valves.
The PAW differential pressure overflow valve reduces noises due to circulation and keeps the pump pressure constant, even when the flow in the radiators is reduced (particularly when thermostatic valves are used).
The valve controls the flow rate in proportion to the thermostatic or zone valves.
The return temperature is increased as soon as the valve opens.

For weather compensated control we recommend to mount the sensor to the flow line directly behind the circulation pump.
The higher return temperature guarantees that the boiler does not corrode.