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HomeBloC® Basic WR

for properties with one or various radiator circuits
Wall-mounted or flush-mounted cupboard must be ordered separately.

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Operating data
Max. operating pressure domestic hot water: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature domestic hot water: 65 °C
Max. operating temperature heating system: 85 °C
Output capacity (10 ->45°C): 12 l/min (≙ 30 kW),16 l/min (≙ 40 kW),20 l/min (≙ 49 kW)
Valves and fittings: Brass, approved for potable water
Gaskets: Fibre composite / EPDM / Teflon
Heat exchanger: Copper solder,Stainless steel plates
This HomeBloC® Basic in the WR version is designed to be connected with an unmixed circuit.
The temperature of the flow line is heated by the supply (mixed heating circuit in the basement) to the desired level. Then, it is directly provided to the circuit of the HomeBloC® Basic.
This temperature can be directly used for space heating without being reduced by the flat station. A differential pressure valve avoids whistling noises and hydraulic problems.

Wall-mounted or flush-mounted cupboard must be ordered separately. See accessories.