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Fitting for heat flowmeter DN 25 for unmixed HeatBloC®s

- for unmixed HeatBloC®s DN 25
- for heat flowmeters with the dimensions ¾" x 110 mm and 1" x 130 mm

Scope of delivery:
- Pump ball valve with check valve, can be opened (200 mm wc)
- Screw-in fittings
- Union nuts
- Adapter pipe
- Flange fitting
- Reducers for immersion sensor (¼" ext. thread, self-sealing x M10 x 1" int. thread and ¼" ext. thread, self-sealing x M12 x 1.5" ext. thread)
- Seals

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Operating data
Nominal pressure: 10 bar
Nominal diameter: DN 25 (1")
The fitting can be used for all heat flowmeters with the dimensions ¾" × 110 mm and 1" × 130 mm. For heat flowmeters with other dimensions, the adapter set must be obtained by the customer. In the delivery included are the required flat-sealing fitting pieces, thus enabling to install additionally a heat flowmeter.
The fitting for heat flow meter is mounted in the return line of the heating circuit. The sensors can be installed in the ½" sleeves of the thermometer ball valves (extensions might be necessary) or in connections provided by the customer. The immersion sleeve is not included in delivery. When the heat flowmeter is installed, the front insulation may be adapted to the shape of the case (simply by cutting out). As the insulation is closed, we recommend to install the heat flowmeter separately.

The heat flowmeter is not included in delivery!

Fitting for direct HeatBloC®s DN 25 without mixing valve
Consisting of: flat-sealing adapter set, 1 adapter pipe, seals, 1 pump ball valve with check valve and union nut.