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Extension module DN 40

for the extension of already existing PAW HeatBloC® systems, with insulation

The installation may only be made by qualified experts.

A = 160 mm H = 170 mm L = 320 mm

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Operating data
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Output: 250 kW
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Kvs value: 32,8
Number of connections for HeatBloC®s: 1
Width: 320 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 40 (1½")
Installation height: 179 mm
Connection generator: Flange DN 50 / PN 6, flow at the side, return to the bottom, others sealed with 2" plug
Connection consumer: Flange DN 40 / PN 6 (on top)
Lateral connection: 1" int. thread, sealed with plug, for safety group and expansion tank
Centre distance: 160 mm
Height insulation: 190 mm
Valves and fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM / AFM34
Insulation: EPP shells
Completely made of brass
Completely preassembled
Flow and return chamber 95 % thermally separated

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