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HeatBloC® MC43 - DN 25 (1")

Constant value control circuit, electronical
with integrated controller
Application range: for low-temperature heating systems controlled by a mixing valve, constant value control circuit or indication of the nominal temperature via Smart Home environment
Recommended application range: up to 45.5 kW; 20 K up to 1940 l/h↲
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Operating data
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Differential pressure sensors: 0-600 mbar
Dial thermometer: 0 - 120 °C
Output: 45 kW
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Temperature difference: 20 K
Kvs value: 6
Flow rate: 1940 l/h
Power consumption: 1.5 W
Controller MCom 3.4: 24 Vdc, max. 200 mA Interface: Modbus RTU (integration into building control and SmartHome systems )
Check valves: 1 x 200 mm wc
Dial thermometer: 0 - 120 °C
Shut-off valves: Ball valves with handle
Temperature sensors: 1x Pt1000 in the flow and return
Differential pressure sensors: 0-600 mbar
Opening pressure check valve: 200 mm wc
Number of check valves: 1
Height: 500 mm
Width: 250 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 25 (1")
Installation length: 340 mm
Connection generator: 1½" ext. thread, flat sealing
Connection consumer: 1" int. thread
Centre distance: 125 mm
Valves and fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM
Insulation: EPP
Electrical data (heating/actuators)
Setting time 90°: 140 s
Electrical connection: 24 V AC/DC
Torque actuator: 10 Nm
Power consumption: 1.5 W
EnEV-compliant hydraulic balancing on the distribution manifold ...