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HeatBloC® MC42 - DN 50 (2")

3-way mixing valve
with integrated controller
Application range: for heating systems controlled by a mixing valve
Recommended application range: up to 230 kW; 20 K up to 9980 l/h

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Operating data
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Kvs value: 25. Jul
Flow rate: 9980 l/h
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Differential pressure sensors: 0-600 mbars
Dial thermometer: 0 - 120 °C
Shut-off valves: Ball valves with handle
Opening pressure check valve: 250 mm wc
Number of check valves: 1
Controller MCom 3.4: 24 Vdc, max. 200 mA Interface: Modbus RTU (integration in Smart Home central units and building control systems)
Height: 850 mm
Width: 360 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 50 (2")
Installation length: 630 mm
Connection generator: Flange DN 50 / PN 6
Connection consumer: 2" int. thread
Centre distance: 180 mm
Valves and fittings: Brass
EnEV-compliant hydraulic balancing on the distribution manifold. No under- or oversupply of individual heating circuits. No loss of comfort. Easy commissioning of the system. Easy system monitoring via free app. Cost monitoring via app. Possibility to obtain governmental subsidies. Easy integration in already existing heating systems. Balanced system in each operating point.
Autarkic control system: The HeatBloC®s MCom adjust the revolution speed of the pump, the boiler control switches the pumps on and off and regulates the flow temperature.

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