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3-way zone valve DN 25/32

for switching between single storage tanks,

DN 25:
1" int. thread, setting time for 90°: 18 sec., Kvs value = 11

DN 32:
1¼" int. thread, setting time for 90°: 18 sec., Kvs value = 15

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Operating data
Max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Height: 116 mm
Width: 72 mm
Depth: 125 mm
can be used in solar and heating installations, to switch between different zones or to connect and disconnect different parts of the system.
The actuator is equipped with a relay which is actuated by a 2-point signal, if need be it can also be manually operated.
The 3-way zone valves can be operated in both directions.

Technical data

Electric supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Casing protection type: IP 44; protection class II
Input power: 3 VA (standby), 7.5 VA (operation)
Setting time for 90°: 18 sec.
Ambient temperature: 0 °C, non-condensing
Fluid temperature: short-term 115 °C
Kvs value: DN 25: 11
DN 32: 15
Connection: DN 25: 3 x 1" int. thread
DN 32: 3 x 1¼" int. thread
Equipment: with 1.8 m cable 4 x 0.5 mm²

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