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SolarBloC® mega

Application range:
Low-Flow (= 0.25 l/minute per m² collector surface), up to 175 m² collector surface
High-Flow (= 0.5 l/minute per m² collector surface), up to 115 m² collector surface

Please note:
In order to guarantee a trouble-free function it is essential to carry out a hydraulic dimensioning/check.

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Operating data
Max. operating temperature: 120 °C
Dial thermometer: 0 - 160 °C
Low-flow: 0.25 l/min per m² of collector surface
High-flow: 0.5 l/min per m² of collector surface
Controller: no
Check valves: 2 x 200 mm wc
Pressure gauge: 0-6 bars, resistant to high temperatures
Dial thermometer: 0 - 160 °C
Sensors: no
Safety valve: 6 bars
Airstop: no
Height: 671 mm
Width: 366 mm
Nominal diameter: DN 32
Depth: 240 mm
Installation length: 603 mm
Centre distance: 125 mm
Connection primary: 1¼" int. thread
Valves and fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM / AFM34
Insulation: EPP
Check valves: Brass
All connections 1¼" internal thread

All fluid-carrying parts are made of brass

Large ball valve handles, easy handling, visible closing position

Pump can be isolated, so that it can be replaced without draining

Fully assembled with flat gaskets

Check valve in the flow and return line, mounted in the cases of the mounting plate, can be opened, 2 x 200 mm wc, especially for solar systems, prevents unwanted circulation

With premounted steel wall bracket

Design insulation with optimised function made of durable elastic EPP;
100 % insulation of fittings, ventilation opening to cool the pumps

Solar safety group,
pressure relief valve 6 bars, pressure gauge resistant to high temperatures 0-6 bars with valve, flat-sealing connection 1" for an expansion tank

Full metal solar thermometer, can be pulled off, with immersion sleeve integrated in the ball valve

Premounted solar circulation pump by Grundfos or Wilo, without cable

Flush and fill unit integrated,
two fill and drain valves (at the flow ball valve and at the safety group) permit to fill and flush the entire installation.

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