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Pressure relief valves for heating systems

For closed heating systems
Opening pressure: 3 bars

523103: ½" x ¾", max. power: 50 kW
523113: ¾" x 1", max. power: 100 kW
5241: ½" x ¾", max. power: 50 kW, pressure gauge (0-4 bars, d = 50 mm)

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Operating data
Nominal pressure: 10 bars
Opening pressure: 3 bar
Height: 72 mm
Lateral connection: ¾"
Valves and fittings: Brass
The diaphragm pressure relief valve is only activated when the thermostats of the boiler have failed. In this case the pressure relief valve can let the entire heating capacity of the boiler escape in the form of hot water and vapour.

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