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You will find a collection of frequently asked questions by the customers and the corresponding answers here. Our team will be pleased to advice you on questions of any kind. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Both operations must be carried out by a specialist. The individual steps are described in the installation and operation instructions.
In case of professional installation, the legal warranty shall apply. Important: If the actuator is opened, the warranty claim expires!

We grant a warranty of 5 years for all PAW products – irrespective of the legal regulations -, except for pumps, controllers and sensors. You will find further information on this topic here.

You will need a mounting plate and a wall bracket. With the wall bracket, wall distances (centre distance) of 100, 125 and 150 mm can be adjusted. Mount the heating circuit on the mounting plate by using the union nuts provided.
For this purpose, you will need the coupling for overhead installation (item number 3724) as well as the reducers (item number 3735) from DN 32 to DN 25.
The discounts are determined by the wholesale or the original equipment manufacturers. Please contact your trading partner for further information. If desired, we can of course send you a proof of delivery.

You will find more information about PAW serial numbers here.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address to clarify the further proceeding: service@paw.eu. The e-mail should contain at least the following information: Reason of complaint, serial number, damage pattern, contact data

The CoolBloC offers an optimal system solution for cooling applications in heating systems. It was designed particularly for the use in special ambient conditions to protect the individual components from condensate formation. Thanks to the special construction, simple cooling applications in combination with radiators or radiant panel heating systems up to 15 °C are easily possible. In general, the cooling water temperature must not fall below 15 - 16 °C in order to minimise the formation of condensation water (shortfall of the dew point temperature) at the system components

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