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HomeBloC® Basic WF

for properties with one or various radiant floor circuits
Wall-mounted or flush-mounted cupboard must be ordered separately.

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Operating data
Max. operating pressure heating system: 2.5 bar
Max. operating pressure domestic hot water: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature domestic hot water: 65 °C
Max. operating temperature heating system: 85 °C
Output capacity (10 ->45°C): 12 l/min (≙ 30 kW),16 l/min (≙ 40 kW),20 l/min (≙ 49 kW)
Heating capacity: 8.5 kW (when ΔT = 15 K)
Base plate station: W = 660 mm, H = 555 mm, D = 100 mm
Flush-mounted cupboard: W = 750 mm, H = 685 mm, D = 10 mm
Cover frame (flush-mounted cupboard): W = 750 mm, H = 555 mm, D = 110 mm
Wall-mounted cupboard: W = 750 mm, H = 555 mm, D = 150 mm
Total dimensions: W = 750 mm, H = 1,436 mm
Adjustment range of the base: 0 - 80 mm
Domestic hot water supply: 3 x ¾" int. thread (flat-sealing and self-sealing)
Heat supply: 2 x ¾" int. thread (flat-sealing and self-sealing)
Heating circuit outlets: 2 x ¾" int. thread (flat-sealing and self-sealing)
Valves and fittings: Brass, approved for potable water
Gaskets: Fibre composite / EPDM / Teflon
Base plate / Flush-mounted cupboard: zinc-galvanised steel sheet
Cover frame, door, base cover: Steel sheets, powder-coated, white (RAL 9016)
Pipes: Stainless steel (1.4401), approved for potable water
Heat exchanger: Copper solder,Stainless steel plates
The HomeBloC® Basic in the WF version is designed to be connected with a mixed heating circuit.
The temperature of the flow line is provided by the supply (mixed or unmixed heating circuit in the basement) to the HomeBloC® Basic.Here, an injection-type circuit reduces the temperature.This reduced temperature is provided to the radiant floor circuit.You can order the injection-type circuit separately.

The wall-mounted or flush-mounted cupboard must be ordered separately.See accessories.

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